Once upon a time

there were two princesses.

One is seven. She loves pink and sparkly things. She eats loads of chocolate, vanilla bean scones and popsicles. She is so outgoing and loves to play that she makes friends easily. Her smile lights up a room and she has the most beautiful blue eyes or ocean eyes as her mother calls them (which she corrects and says beach eyes because of the brown around her pupils). She is sensitive, so much so that she cries when she sees others cry but that doesn’t make her weak, it makes her powerful.

The other is four. She loves purple. She wears her purple tutu dresses everyday. She loves popcorn, cereal and most things salty. She is independent but cuddly and very precise. She is sure of herself and says she will always win. She has the most beautiful chocolate eyes. She loves strongly and is so fierce. She is funny and loves to make people laugh. Her mother learns so much from her strength.

Then their father was diagnosed with cancer.

What they don’t know just yet is this is hereditary. What they don’t know is that there is a team of doctors that are going to work on a screening for them so they will be monitored for the rest of their lives. What they don’t know is that their mother is behind this and will make sure that this screening happens soon so they can live long and she can watch them become amazing women. What they don’t know is that they aren’t just princesses anymore. They are princess warriors.

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