Friday Night Special

This is what I call John. I know it’s not appropriate to poke fun. He has been going to the hospital every weekend for a new symptom and then we come home with two new prescriptions.

He got home Monday and we had the visiting nurse come. She came last night and this morning and said he was doing fine. No fever, good coloring and lungs were clear….today he was fine but started to get nauseated and then vomiting phlegm. His sister came and we called Tufts. We told them we would take him to the local hospital to get checked out. They gave us the ok.

Izzy heard this and started to cry. She is understanding more and more about what is going on. I have to tell the girls this weekend. She wants to spend the weekend with him. She wants her father.

His sister said they will be transporting him to Tufts because his lungs are 1/3 filled with liquid. She said by the time she got to the ER, which is 10 minutes away, his lungs sounded like they were rattling. Can he ever catch a break? How does this happen so quickly? What does this mean?

I am hoping he will improve and be home soon….only time will tell I guess.

Izzy has tomorrow off from school as well as Monday so there will be juggling and wondering what to do in terms of going to the hospital.

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