No. Two letters. N O. I am learning to say this to adults and it’s hard. I am trying to figure out why. Am I weak? Do I think everyone has common sense? Am I too nice?

When I was a director, I would tell my parents that no was not a negative word. It’s setting a limit or a boundary and that is not a bad thing to do for  children.

I didn’t realize I would have to use this advice for adults now.

John came home from the hospital today. He is tired. The girls are happy. KitKat couldn’t stop smiling at him. Her eyes watching him with such elation. We picked up Izzy and KitKat said “Dada is home! Dada is home!” and Izzy was so surprised and jumped out of her booster. Both of them were smiling all the way home.

Right away, there were phone calls with plans being made for the weekend. No. Izzy and KitKat haven’t had a weekend with their father in a month. They want their normal back. They deserve it


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