First weekend together in a month!

We had a good weekend. Friday night, we watched the Muppet Movie on the couch. We talked and hugged, teased and laughed. It was like old times.

Saturday was more of the same. Lazy morning followed by errands while John’s sister came for a bit to visit with him.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of Izzy helping John downstairs and then doing his breathing exercises with him. I heard her say “Breathe in. Hold it. Breathe out.” When I went downstairs with KitKat, John was finishing up doing a walk, again, led by Izzy. She is such a good person. She was never asked to do this.

John and I had an hour to ourselves when the girls were picked up for a birthday party. He came downstairs which was a relief because I wanted to spend time with him. We sat and just talked as best he could. He doesn’t make a lot of sense these days and is just drowsy all the time. Even though we were together, all of a sudden, I just missed him.

I think I have been missing him for a year and a half now though. When he went on that diet, I felt like I lost him because while he was busy not consuming foods, it was consuming him. Does that make sense?

I miss him.


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