A pinwheel, a golf ball and a harmonica

Sounds like Izzy and KitKat creating chaos, right?
John needs to work his lungs. He was doing a good job with the breathing exercises but he needed more. A couple of friends
suggested blowing a pinwheel and a harmonica. BINGO! The girls love it. They love to watch John try to turn the pinwheel and count how many blows he does. Our focus is 10 times. The harmonica is fun too. John blows in and out and we have the girls jump to the sound. I am hoping this helps him focus too. The nurse gave us a thumbs up for these things and loved that the harmonica works his breathing out AND in.

My mother brought golf balls and put one on the floor for John to massage the bottom of his feet. He loved it. He had to track where the ball was and move it around. I like when he has to work his brain.

We got a call from Tufts at 11:45 last night saying his hemoglobin was low from the labs he taken earlier. Damn. They wanted labs taken again today. Would this mean he couldn’t do the surgery on Thursday? No. They just want to be sure of his levels. I was glad the infusion nurse was able to do it instead of taking him to the local hospital. I just hope the hospital calls with better news tonight.

Izzy woke up sick this morning with a fever and sore throat. I almost took her to school to get her away from John but I couldn’t do it. She stayed home and away from John. Later in the afternoon, both girls had fevers. This really isn’t the time for germs and they want to spend time with their father before the surgery. I have them stand outside the door if they want to talk to him. I hope they will be able to hug him before the surgery and get close to him. They all need that.

John slept a lot today and I am hoping he will do the same tomorrow. I want him rested for Thursday. It can’t get here fast enough.


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