It’s gonna get real in here

Choose to stay or go.

Our story doesn’t end with John’s death. We are still a family. My daughters and I have a fight ahead of us and I have to make sure I am going to win this.

Soon I am going to talk about


John’s death

John’s cancer with the breakdown of his body. I need to write this and process this


Society dealing with death

Kids dealing with death

Kids growing up with society dealing with death

Plus so much more…

The bad and the ugly. I hope there is good coming out of this. I guess time will tell.


2 thoughts on “It’s gonna get real in here”

  1. I think that is a wonderful story for you and your girls. Stay strong and keep writing . My name is Dirceda, I’m a kindergarten assistant and I had the pleasure of working with John. He loved the children and loved his family. I would talk about my grandchildren and he would talk about his girls. Thank you for sharing your story


  2. Hello Laura. My name is Nancy Norton… I am a music teacher in Taunton, and although John and I never taught in the same schools, we saw each other often during professional days and the like. I am writing because you and your family have been in my thoughts since I learned that John was ill when school began. I was so sad to hear of the swift attack of John’s cancer on his body, but want you to know how inspiring your blog has been. Last year my sister lost her 50-year old non-smoking husband to an aggressive and rare type of lung cancer. He left two young sons. As we speak, another 50 year-old brother-in-law is battling a rare throat cancer while at the same time fighting leukemia. Eight years ago my dad, unexpectedly paralyzed by a surgery for a thoracic aneurysm gone wrong, passed of mesothelioma that strangled him to death. I am inspired by your strengths and your courage. Your children will be fine… You are such a brave woman and your journey has touched me. I am unable to be at the service tomorrow, but will be there in spirit. John was a great guy and from all accounts at middle school ( which is what I teach) his students loved him. Thank you so much for sharing. I wish you and your family all the best in the coming days.



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