Celebrating John

There was a parade in Harvard Square today. Led by the musicians John played with. Springs and Summers in the 1990s, they played in the streets and I loved that. So walking around the area and listening to the music but John not being there was emotional. Is he really gone?

There were so many layers to who John is. He taught music for a time at an autistic treatment center in a nearby town and my friend, who works there, brought some of his students, luckily, it was a wheelchair accessible place. He is a musician, of course and a teacher. To get to see these layers in one room was overwhelming. At one point, there was a line and I was in front of it. It was pretty surreal but then I wanted to hug all these people. I wanted to connect with them-all of them the way he connected with them. I wanted to know their story with him. I thanked them but it seemed so generic this way but my heart was leaping and weeping at the same time. I didn’t want the line to end. I wanted more of those layers, more of John. Every person that came meant so much to me because they came to celebrate, to mourn and “be” with him.

I want to thank everyone for that connection today. He’s a good man and I am so glad people know this.

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