First day of Winter

The girls and I had a lazy day today. Most of it was in our pajamas except for Izzy who is on a Beyoncé kick and wears her leotard so she can dance to Single Ladies.

It snowed. The snowflakes were big and coming down slowly. It’s so beautiful.

 I was looking out today and remembered last Winter and how much snow we had. There were many school cancellations so we had many Winter days together. I love snow days where John and Izzy are home. Last year was the first that John didn’t complain about not going to work. He seemed so tired so it must have been a relief for him not to drive. We had fun and loved those days of being together. I remember telling him that Winter was the best. He agreed. Earlier this year, the news was reporting lots of snow was in the forecast for this upcoming Winter. I told John this and wondered if we would have more family days. He said he hoped so.

Since John grew up in New England, he knew the difference in snow (I just thought snow was snow). I still don’t know. Thanksgiving day, the girls went sledding and I wasn’t sure how to tell if it was good to do this. I don’t know good snowman snow- John did and he built the best snowmen.

When the girls go to sleep, I have been youtubing him. I am lucky that way-to see him, hear him and watch him. I can hear his voice so there are parts where I rewind to hear him over and over. I miss his voice.


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