Ringing in 2015 with memories

Our first NYE was spent in Boston. John played First Night there. We were on the “T” green line. We sat on the train with others and all of a sudden there was a count down. I was surprised but we counted down too and kissed in 1995. It was really the best new year’s of my life.

12 years ago, we moved to Brooklyn and John came into my dreams this morning reminding me of this. That was a thrilling, great, scary time.

KitKat and Izzy didn’t stay up. I tucked them in and said I would see them next year. They giggled.

I try not to remember anniversary dates but lately, I have been with John. I guess I want our time with each other to have more meaning-that it meant something.


One thought on “Ringing in 2015 with memories”

  1. I’m not going to say Happy New Year and hope that this year is better than last. I’m going to say, my hope for you and those beautiful little ladies is that you are able to get through with it without too much pain. I wish you 3 all the love that John had for you. I know nothing I say or anyone else say can change the situation but I can be there for you. I’m here when you are ready….lots of hugs….


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