Jackie Kennedy

There is a photo of Jackie Kennedy at her husband’s funeral. She is wearing a black veil over her face. She wants it to hide her pain, only it’s not working, you see everything.
Her face is sad. Her husband is dead. She cannot mourn alone, the world is mourning for her husband. Nobody grieves for a widow. They watch for her to make a move to justify how she is grieving is wrong-it makes it easier for them to move on.
Her face is shocked. She watched her husband die, without any choice. In that life changing moment, the flashbacks come in full force about how they first met, their first kiss, their wedding. She remembers their fights, arguments and all the mistakes they made. She remembers details of their relationship and knows with certainty she wouldn’t change one thing…so why doesn’t he come back so she can tell him this?
Her face is lonely. She lost her husband. She lost the father of her children. Growing old with him has stopped. Only she will grow old now. She misses him. She misses the way he smiled-a smile that was just for her. She misses the way he says her name. She misses how his eyelashes would brush her cheek as he would kiss it. What will she do? How will she go on? Yes, for her children. She is all they have left and she has to do it all. Alone. Everyday. Alone.
Her face is tired. She cannot sleep at night but in the morning, she can’t wake up. She wants be at home in their room to sit and think about her husband. She wants to remember the conversations they had. She wants to remember the times spent with only him…because those were the times that really mattered.
She knows now, that life is worth living. Life is beautiful even in the ugliest moments. She knows every breath matters. She holds her children closer now than ever before and tells them she loves them with a stronger voice because in that voice is a whisper that is their father’s, so he is there and present in that love,  it will never go away and nothing can ever take that away from them.jk

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