Cup and Saucer

broken tea cup

Look at this teacup and saucer. It’s beautiful. As delicate as it is, the cup held hot liquid and the saucer held that cup. Something bad happened.
It’s broken. Shattered into pieces but somehow glued back together. Signs of how it once was is there but it now has several cracks and won’t do as it did before. It can only be a memory of it once was. You can never treat it the same. The purpose of the cup and saucer are different now. The cracks will never ever close up.
This is a tiny window into what a widow feels like. What would you say to this cup and saucer? What would you do with it?
Now say these things to this cup and saucer…
So… How ARE you doing?
How Aaaaaare you?
If you need anything, call me.
Do you need anything?
Call me anytime!
You look great!
You look tired.
Time to move on.
I’m sorry.
Time heals all wounds.
You’ll find someone else soon.
Aren’t you glad you don’t have to take care of him anymore?
Remember the good times and smile.
Oh! I know how you feel! My grandma died 3 years ago and it was so sad.
Losing my cat was the hardest thing but then I got another one.
You don’t look all that sad.
You are young and pretty. You will find a new love.
You will be ok.
You’ve changed.
I know how you feel, I got divorced.
I wish my ex-husband was dead. (<< my favorite, by the way)
You are a single mom now.
You aren’t over it yet?
Well, I see you are ok, so I am not going to bother you anymore.
You have to be strong for your children
Well, at least you had children with him.
It gets easier.
One day at a time.
If this were me, I couldn’t get out of bed!
Tomorrow is another day!
If my husband died, you couldn’t peel me off the floor.
Be strong.
You are so strong.
You are amazing.
You are so brave!
You know it took a month for Sheryl Sandberg to get over her grief. She is such an inspiration!
Why are you still wearing your wedding ring?
You should be over it by now.
Get a babysitter and we can go out. I would love to be “single” for a night!
It is what it is.
At least he isn’t in pain anymore.
Bad things like this happen all the time.
You aren’t the only widow out there, you know.
Life goes on!
same soul

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