It’s a strong word, isn’t it? What does it mean to you?
The dictionary says it’s person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.
Children who lost a parent are being called a bastard by other kids and they are as young as 9.  My jaw dropped, my heart sank and  my head exploded when I read this on one of my widow’s groups on Facebook. Not just one child but several from different parts of the country are being called this.
Children who lose a parent are not bastards. They are not weird. They are not different. Changed? Yes. Sad more than most? Absolutely. Do they need these hurtful words thrown at them? No. Do they need to feel like they don’t fit into society? No. So why?
Why are they being teased and called names? Where is the support? Where is the empathy? Who is teaching these children to name call? That this is ok?
Why is being different so bad?

We have become an Anti-Bully society yet nothing has changed. Children and young adults are still killing themselves because they are being teased for simply being who they are. We need to be a Pro-Different society. Why do we fight so much? Why do our differences make us want to kill each other? Like the Charleston, SC church shootings. They are calling it a hate crime. It is. It’s  not just racial-it’s human against humans. Life is amazing. Love is powerful but why is hate more dominant?

So how do we change this? Or can it be changed?
I often wonder-
What would happen if everything on this earth disappeared. All the humans, countries, cities, museums-everyone. Everything we have ever done is not recorded. No cars, computers, electricity, houses, boats. No Martin Luther King, Jr., no Mozart, no Ghandi, no Monet, no Shakespeare…no Hitler. No God, Allah or Buddha. What if humans could start over…would we still get to where we are now? Wars, religions, books. coffee, love…hate? Or would it be different? Would we…could we be a kinder species to each other? We have come so far in medical technology-saving lives yet sometimes I feel like we are the most dangerous creatures  in the world.  There was a quote I heard once that really resonated with me. “We have mastered the art of killing, now let’s master the joy of living”.
I sometimes ask Izzy and KitKat if their friends have ever said anything about their father. They are lucky so far but I know it will come up soon and we all have to be prepared to teach with love when hurtful and hateful comments are made. I hope we are strong enough. This shouldn’t even be an issue at all and frankly, it scares me.

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