A life changing comment

My house was destroyed this Winter by all the snow. From February until now, I had to move the mattress into Izzy’s room where we all have been sleeping because I can’t use the master bedroom or bathroom. I have had many moments of freaking out with the walls and floors being exposed. Wondering what they are breathing in and if they will be ok. Documenting it just in case. I know it’s probably nothing but I can’t risk anything. I won’t.

The damage is bad. I am having it worked on for the next two weeks and the stress of it got worse when I had to clean out things and put them away. I threw away so much but kept a lot of things to deal with later. Seeing John’s writing or the cloth used to keep the ivs in place were the worst and putting all his medication in a different place spiraled me into yelling his name a few times. I guess I want everything the way it was in case he ever comes back.

So I had to call the town to see if I needed a permit for the work (I didn’t which is good news) and he asked what was being worked on and when I told him, I started to cry. What he said calmed me down. It was powerful and brilliant. What he said is what I will say for anyone grieving or going through a hard time because it’s the right thing to say. My crying was not met by silence to an embarrassed “I’m sorry”

Instead he said

“Take your time. I am listening.”

And he meant it.


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