Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday Izzy turned 8. She had a very good day, blowing out her birthday candle surrounded by her friends. She ended it with John. She took his framed photo of him into bed and stared at him-talking to him.

Missing and grieving for the man I love for 20 years (married 12) is an ache I have never felt. It’s constant. Seeing your children miss and grieve for their father is a nightmare. I wish I had words for this pain.

These pictures are from my ultrasound with Izzy. I did a comparison with the profile because when I saw it in the doctor’s office, I was amazed at how much they looked alike. The second one, Izzy has her finger to her mouth-something John did when he was in deep thought. I found these in my email files and finding them was so so bittersweet.

315 days without you



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