Cuddling with Dada tonight

Izzy was in our closet a few days ago. She said she wanted to see her father’s clothes. For the first time, I didn’t feel guilty for getting rid of them and for not moving them.

Last night, as she drifted to sleep, she said she missed her Dada. Before bed, I asked if she wanted me to put a t shirt of his on her pillow so she can cuddle. She loved that idea. So did KitKat so we opened the dresser drawer and they chose one each. I had to change Izzy’s because she said it smelled like his sweat. We put another one on and she said “Oh yes. This one smells like he just got back from his walk. It smells like Dada out in fresh air.”

I hope this comforts them…at least for tonight.

IMG_2193 (1)

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