An Essay

When you are a teacher, you really want to change the world and make it a better place. You want your students leaving your classroom happy and feeling they can accomplish anything. You hope they become amazing people. You wish that on every child.

A mother from one of his schools posted on his Facebook page a few days ago. John taught all three of her daughters and one of them wrote a essay on one of her achievements of 2015.

John would have been so proud and honored and a bit embarrassed. I could see his shy smile and eyes lighting up if he were here and reading it.

Here it is.

When I was in E.T Elementary School I had an awesome music teacher named Mr. McL. He used to use me as an example in class when we were singing. He would always tell the students to “follow Miss D’s voice.” I remember feeling happy when he used me as an example because I love to sing. He made music class fun and I will never forget him. Mr. McL passed away last year and as I continue on with my singing, I will always remember him because he was the one who inspired me to sing.
This year I decided to try out for a select chorus at R. Middle School. I was already in the regular chorus at school and I love to sing so I decided to try out for concert choir. The day of tryouts I was waiting patiently to sing for the teachers and as I watched others try out, I was getting more and more nervous. It was getting closer to my turn when the teacher came out and said “people who want to get it over with please wait in line.” I was scared but I got in line and after a few people, it was my turn! I walked in and I was so incredibly nervous that my legs were shaking! I took out my music and he said “whenever you’re ready.” I gave him a thumbs-up and he gave me the intro. I started to sing the song he gave me…….it was terrifying! “Hush a bye, don’t you cry, go to sleepy little baby!” I looked right at the teacher while I was singing and everyone else was too scared to do that, they just looked down at the floor. When I was done I was so happy even though I thought that I didn’t really do such a great job. A couple of days later, he taped the list of people who made it on the wall near the main office. He saw me standing there with my Mom just waiting to see the list but he was keeping it covered. It was kind of funny because as he was taping it to the wall, he was only covering a couple of the names on the list so I thought my name wasn’t on it. When he moved his hand, I saw that it was my name that he was covering! I was so excited I couldn’t even stop smiling! I’m proud to be part of the middle school chorus but I am most proud of myself for having the courage to go for it!
Thank You Mr. McL for your inspiration!!




2 thoughts on “An Essay”

  1. I am not surprised that a student owes her love of music and inspiration to John. With John, every child had a voice, and every child had a chance to find it. Every thing that John did with his students was always about them, and never about him. He was selfless. I still miss him very much, and I will never forget him.


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