The Ghost of Christmas Present

Yesterday and today were unusually warm. I felt like I was back in California when I watched the kids play outside after opening presents. Some neighborhood kids were out and most were wearing t shirts and shorts.

Izzy spent the afternoon outside and at a neighbors house playing. She came in for an early dinner and didn’t come home until late.

KitKat and I were eating dinner and all of a sudden, she cried for her father. Calling him. Yelling for him. Wanting him. Wanting him to come home and to play Hungry Hungry Hippo and card games, wanting so desperately to cuddle with her. Most times, I try so hard to be strong and not cry so they can own their grief but not this time. How do I could I? I cried right along with her. Holding her…putting my head on her chest and listening to her heart…feeling her breathing and wishing the pain to go away.
I don’t know why I took a picture. Sometimes I think grief needs to be seen and not just talked about.

Ghost of Christmas Present
Christmas 2015





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