The one word answer…

“Was Santa at Dada’s funeral?” Izzy asked me today.

I immediately got teary and answered.

The hope.

Hope that Santa was there to comfort them.

The good.

Because Izzy and KitKat are such good kids-and something so very bad happened. Even yelling, screaming and crying in their grief doesn’t make them naughty.

The love.

Love that Santa has-even for grieving children.

The wonder.

Wonder of how he was there and if he felt sad too.

The magic.

Believing in it-even though their life has changed and even though he can’t give you your father for Christmas-he can still make it.

In a couple of years, the hope, love, good, wonder and magic of Santa won’t be there anymore…that question will be questioned.

 But for right now, my answer…


Santa was there. In that moment of sorrow, he watches young children and loves them and knows they are good. He sees you. He believes in you. He was there because you see him-and after all the bad you saw-you still believe in him.

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