In two weeks

In two weeks-our lives might change for the worst or we can continue on as we have been.
I don’t know where I left off here. Since Summer started, the girls have been keeping me busy.
KitKat had her hydrogen breath test and what was suppose to be a 3 hour test was only 30 minutes. The drink she had to take before the test made her vomit which meant no more dairy. It’s been really rough for her. She loves milk, pizza, mac & cheese and spoonfuls of Nutella. She can’t have those things anymore and it’s been challenging because we have to look at all the ingredients. Everything has dairy. She has been losing weight because of it but she is learning to try new foods and most, she really likes. She is also enjoys cooking now and making dairy free foods.
After the test, the GI doctor suggested a colonoscopy but said it wasn’t necessary but I insisted on it. So they did a colonoscopy/endoscopy and bloodwork yesterday. You know that mother’s instinct? Always listen to it.
The doctor came out and held my hand tightly. She knows we lost John. I know her husband had a massive stroke and will be needing care the rest of his life. We sat in her office several weeks ago and talked about being wives but not typical wives anymore-so she had an understanding of what happened. She said KitKat might have a tumor and squeezed my hand. She said she is hopeful that it’s just a hematoma. They clipped it because the pain she was having was because it was bleeding. I don’t know for how long-maybe her whole life. She showed me the picture. It’s on her cecum which is a pouch that is considered the beginning of the large intestine. I don’t remember much after because I couldn’t feel my body.  I asked her what will happen if this is a tumor but she just closed her eyes and told me to go to KitKat, so I did. I cried all the way there and I don’t know who helped me walk to her bed. I was glad she was still asleep.
My head is spinning. My heart is beyond shattered because it’s been broken so many times. My thoughts are in every direction and yet I have no words for this right now.
In two weeks, KitKat turns 6 and she will either be a typical 6 year old-starting first grade,  playing outside on her scooter, begging me for a puppy, and learning to cook  or she will have to fight for her life.

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